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Featured Artist - John Baxter 

Art is meaningful and an integral part of my life; allowing me to physically reflect and express ideas of social, natural beauty, role of society and culture.

My passion for art started in Jr. High School. My high school had no art classes, but I was inspired by  Christmas and birthday gifts of oil paint- by-number. Later on I had the opportunity to further developed my interest obtaining a Minor in art at the NY State University Plattsburgh, NY.

I continued to pursue my passion for art taking studio and Art History, courses  in abstract art and collage at various Colleges as I pursued a career in microbiology/QA position with various food and pharmaceutical companies. During this period in my life I developed an additional interest in writing religious Icons (Tempera painting on gesso board with gold leaf accents ) and a member of the Prosopon School of Iconology.

Since retiring in Sun CityI 12 year ago I have been fortunate to share my passion for art as an instructor of art history courses at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute of the University of South Carolina Beaufort location. Served as All About Art Manager for 12 year, past Board and current member of the Wall Display Committee.


Remember professions have a practice or career, artist have a Life.


Art is fun get out of the way and let it happen!


John Baxter

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