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ALL ABOUT ART Executive Committee Meeting September 13, 2023

Call to Order: Kate Mace called the meeting to order at 1:00pm.
Attendees: Kate Mace, Jan Urbanic, Cathy Smith, Pat Card, Kathe Kline, Connie Silvester

(Absent: Marianne Bruno, Angelika Kade, Ann Rotunno)

Approval of Minutes: Motion made to approve minutes from ExCo meeting of 5/10/23; seconded and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: In Marianne’s absence, Kate presented the financials. Club balance as of 9/13/23 (taking into account deposits in transit and checks not cleared or yet to be issued) = $9,419,42. Marianne also prepared a comparison of the 2023 Budget vs Actual Expenses. As of 9/13/23, we budgeted for $11,650 in expenses; the actual is considerably lower at $5,302. Overall a very healthy situation.

Old Business:

  • -  Art in Bloom: Jan reported another success. 574 visitors but open 2 hours less than last year. 14 entries although AA Art submitted considerably more to the Garden Club for consideration. Show cost of $500 is split 50/50 with Garden Club.

  • -  Fall Art Show Oct 26-29: Cathy reported all tasks have leaders and a judge has been secured. Sept 27 is a meeting of all team leaders. Oct 20 is last day for registration; Oct 25 is drop-off day. Max weight for entries 6 lb; smallest 12”x12” sq. inches; no fabric art unless part of mixed media. Posters/postcards have been ordered and available by Oct 1. On Sat Oct 14 there will be a Volunteer Coffee Social 8am-12pm to hand out 8100 postcards for distribution in lower mailboxes.

  • -  Outreach Update: Our membership is now 426; how large do we want it to grow? Next year we’ll need external rooms for larger meetings (must reserve in advance with Lifestyles). Idea of “fun button” tabled until 2024 for new board to decide; a few design submissions were reviewed.

  • -  Wall Display: Kate reported the committee made a suggested calendar for wall displays, changing monthly. Motion made, seconded and approved to adopt the schedule as of Dec 2023.

- Mirror Repair: Kate reported we have the funds to order a new mirror and Lifestyles has agreed to install in. Moved, seconded and approved to proceed with order and installation asap; Kate will pursue with Lifestyles.

President’s Report:

  • -  Upcoming Election: Slate has been established; bios will be in Oct newsletter and distributed at the Oct 4 General Meeting. Open positions being filled are President, Treasurer and Member at Large.

  • -  Spring Show/2024: Tentatively scheduled for May 4-7. Must find later May dates to accommodate the Chairman’s calendar, taking into account the Jewish holidays. New tentative dates May 16-18. TBC.

  • -  Membership Numbers: Now at 426.

  • -  Committee Chairs needed: To be filled: Webpage Manager, PR, Hospitality. These

    positions traditionally have been filled at the pleasure of the President. TBC by new


  • -  Education: Strong Fall curriculum is in place.

  • -  Before Next Meeting: Prepare suggested 2024 calendar and 2024 budget to be

    presented at 11/15/23 Joint Chair & Exco Meeting.

    New Business:

  • -  Open Studio & Monitored Times: General discussion re time usage of art studio, specifically: There is too much time when studio is empty. Current Open Studio Guidelines in our Procedures & Policies manual must be revised. Can Open Hours be rearranged thus allowing AA Art to offer more classes? Propose rename Open Studio to “Studio Free Time”. TBC.

  • -  Revision of P&P Manual: In keeping with the above “Open Studio” discussion, all existing policies in the P&P Manual should be reviewed and revised as needed; many are very out of date.

  • -  Movie Night: A member proposed an art-related movie night on a regular basis. The ExCo voted against this however would consider a movie night on an exception basis.

  • -  Wheels on card racks: in process! Will be installed soon.

  • -  Next Joint Exco/Committee Chair meeting: is rescheduled for Tuesday 11/14/23

    (one day earlier) and will be a Pizza Party/Appreciation Meeting. Business discussed at this meeting will include 2024 Budget and 2024 Calendar.

    There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 2:32pm.

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