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New Member Information

Our Mission

The purpose of our club is to create an inviting and supportive environment that encourages artistic development through education and opportunities, to explore and grow with people of all levels of abilities who share a love of art.

Leadership and Meetings

1. The All About Art Club operates under the Sun City Hilton Head Charter Club Rules and Procedures. These rules and procedures require our club to have an Executive Board. We are also required to have By-Laws. The By-Laws are posted on the bulletin board and in the binder on the front desk.

2. The All About Art Club has an Executive Board. The positions of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer (each of which are for two years,) can be divided into co-positions with shared responsibilities.

a. President

b. Vice President

c. Secretary

d. Treasurer

e. Member-at-Large (3)

In addition to our Executive Board, there are Committee Chairs who help manage our club. A copy of the Executive Board and Committee Chairs Roster is in a binder at the front desk.

3. General Membership Meetings are held quarterly. The schedule for meetings is established at the beginning of each year. An agenda is circulated at least one week prior to each meeting. Executive Board and Joint Committee meetings are held throughout the year. A member can request to speak at any of these meetings. The request must be made at least two days in advance of the meeting.

Club Communications

1. The club website is Browse the website for lots of useful information, including a real time calendar with classes, events and meeting dates and times. Click on the date to expand the window. You will also find class descriptions and information about upcoming events.

2. Emails will be sent to each member on the first day of each month, with important club information. Members are encouraged to email the club presidents at if there are questions or concerns.

3. There is a binder at the front desk that has information about the club, a membership roster, monitoring procedures, and other useful information. Feel free to look at the book at any time.

Using the Art Studio

1. Use a plastic table cloth covering on the table when you are working in any medium including: pencil, oils, acrylics, charcoal, watercolor, or pastels. The coverings can be found in the well-marked cabinet under the sink. You may bring your own table covering if you wish. When you are finished, clean up your work area. Sponge off and dry the plastic covering before folding and returning it to the cabinet.

2. When painting with traditional oils in the art studio, do not use turpentine. You must use odorless turpenoid (not natural turpenoid). You must also remove from the art room, any paper or cloth towels used to clean up paints or any spills of turpenoid. Please put the used towels in a plastic bag and take them home.

3. When painting with pastels, please do not use spray fixative or any other aerosol in the art room. You must take the painting outside the art room to spray. Also, do not blow on your paintings to remove excess pastel. Take the painting outside to remove excess pastel. To help catch loose pastel dust while painting, place a cotton towel or dust cloth under your painting.

Monitoring in the Studio

All members are asked to monitor at the studio. It is a good way to get to know the studio and the members. Monitor training is mandatory prior to monitoring. Contact the Monitor Chair for the training schedule. See Committee Chair Roster for contact information.  Monitor hours are: Thursday – Saturday, 9:30 – 1:30) .

Open Studios

Open Studio is times when classes are not scheduled and the studio is open for all members to use. Open Studio times are Monday and Tuesday from 9am – 5 pm, and Wednesday from 9 am – noon. Open Studio provides opportunities to gather and make art in a convivial atmosphere. There are specific times designated when groups of people using specific mediums may be present, but any member is welcome to come and pursue any medium during all open studios.

                            Monday: 10:00-12:00  All Mediums

                            Tuesday: 10:00-12:00  Watercolor

                            Tuesday: 1:00-3:30  Pastels

                            Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00  Drawing

The Art Studio door remains locked when no member is present. The key is located in the key box to the right of the door. You may use the key-box code to get the key and go into the room at any time, day or night. Always return the key to the box after unlocking the door, but before entering the room. The code for the key box is provided to all members at the New Member Orientation meetings.


There are two tracts of classes available for members.

Traditional Class schedules are listed on the white board in the front of the art room, on a printed sheet at the receptionist’s desk, and on the website There are classes available for all levels of experience that explore art-making in one of the traditional mediums. Experienced teachers assist students to explore a new medium, or enhance their talents in one that is well known to them. On the class tab on the website, you may view class descriptions, materials needed, and the fee. It is necessary to come to the art room to sign up for a class. The Sign-Up books are inside the door on the small white table. Payment can be made with CAM card or check. New classes are posted quarterly. The teachers of these classes have their emails and phone numbers listed in the Sign-Up book, and welcome contact from students.

Genesis Classes are more casual, short, and often informational gatherings that are available at no fee for members. Among the many Genesis classes are Mat Cutting, Use of the Overhead Projector, Rock Painting and the Art Party, which is held the third Thursday evening of each month. The Art Party is a gathering of artists who come to learn and use a new technique, or learn about an artist, and then make a piece of art using what they learned.

It is necessary to register in advance for all classes. None of the teachers are able to accommodate drop-in students.

Displaying your paintings and cards

1. There is a Wall Display that is changed every month. Paintings on the display are removed to make way for the new display. These paintings must be picked up the last Wednesday of the month. Paintings to be displayed the following month must be brought by 2 PM on the Thursday after the last Wednesday of the month. There are two well-marked cabinets next to the Teacher’s Table where paintings that are not picked up, or those that are dropped off early are stored.

2. All paintings for the Wall Display or for the art show and sales must be framed or be on 1 ½”  gallery wrapped canvas. Framed paintings must have D-rings and taut wire on the back that is approximately one-third down from the top of the frame. The exception is very small artwork. In this case the wire should be placed about ½ way down. When in doubt, come early, and check to see if the hanging hooks show. No art will be displayed if the hanging hooks show.

3. Small information cards for artwork and greeting cards are provided and should be placed on the back of artwork hung or put in the bin art. An information card should also be placed on the outside of the clear bags for the greeting cards. There is no charge for the information cards, clear bags, or shrink wrap. Clear bags for greeting cards are located in a cupboard by the reception desk. Shrink wrap with instructions on how to use it is located in the storage closet.

4. Watercolor and pastel paper are for sale by the sheet from the storage closet. To pay, complete a CAM slip, keep the yellow copy for your records, and put the white copy in the envelop by the door.

Spring and Fall Art Shows

1. Every spring and fall the art club holds an art show and sale.Every club member is encouraged to enter artwork in the shows. Prior to the show, guidelines are posted in the art room, and circulated to the membership. Registration for the show is $5/artist. Each artist may enter one or two pieces of art.

2. Judges from outside Sun City are invited to judge. The categories judged may include oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, and drawing. Categories must have at least seven entries to be judged, and ribbons will be awarded for at least First, Second, Honorable Mention, and Best of Show. Sun City community visitors to the art show select their favorite for the People’s Choice ribbon

Creative Visions

Creative Visions, formerly known as Double Vison, is a collaborative event between All About Art and the Sun City Photography Club that takes place in February in Pinckney Hall.  An artist and a photographer are paired, by random drawing. They collaborate to each create a piece of art. Any artist in good standing may participate.

Using the Library

Instructions on how to use the library are at the front counter. You can check out any book or DVD from the library collection. Please check out only two items at a time, and limit the check out time to one month.

Using the Big Screen TV

You are welcome to use the big screen TV to view videos if there are no meetings or classes in progress. Instructions are located on top of the bookshelf below the television.


If a medical emergency occurs while you are in the studio, call 911. If you don’t have a phone with you, there is an emergency call box across the courtyard by the restrooms that are next door to the Glass  Cutter Studio. Our location is posted inside the art studio to the left of the front door.

Thank you for joining us in the All About Art Club

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