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Beyond the Stick Figure – Elements of Art

Thank you for your interest in our class Beyond the Stick Figure – Elements of Art.  Below are the dates and topics of the upcoming classes.   You don’t have to take the classes in order and if you miss one you will be able to take it in the future.  We will be repeating them. 

The purpose of the class is: 

  • Learn or reinforce basic art skills and terminology 

  • Explore your inner artist 


Some materials will be provided and/or to be borrowed but, if possible, please bring the following. 

  • Pencils (regular and Color), pens, markers, 

  • Copy paper  

Recommended – a binder to keep your handouts in and a sketchbook of any size.  

Also, check out the All About Art Facebook page to see some of the drawings (homework) from some of the students from last night. 

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