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My name is Tish Blake. I am a newbie here in Sun City having only lived here 3.5 years. I grew up outside of

Boston and moved to The Lakes Region of New Hampshire after college. Majored in art design and life. Lots of life. Love and the outdoors came next. I did not have much time for my art back then. Spent many days boating, skiing, and hiking in the White Mountains. I still love being outside and enjoying nature. Working and a family followed. Finally decided after my daughter went off to college, remarried, and had a successful small business it was time to get back into art. Use it or lose it. Started taking classes at the local community college to get my feet wet. Love taking classes. Moved permanently to SC in 2020 during Covid. I had nowhere to go and plenty of time. Started painting again and here we are. Always like to play with different mediums. Right now, oil painting is it. Hope you enjoy my work.

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