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Ed Fine - December 2023 Artist of the Month 


Artist Bio. for Ed Fine

For many years I wanted to paint with watercolors. Eventually my wife, Marcy bought me an outfit—an easel, watercolors and brushes.  I read a few books and after a few unsatisfying attempts, I put everything away until I could find someone to show me how it was done.

Years later, in 2004, by sheer good luck we were driving through Boone, North Carolina.  There were these small  roadside signs advertising a “trade show” taking place for  a few days at the local college basketball arena put on by Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies. So we went there and we learned that they had workshops. These were great workshops and after the first one I was painting.  Over the years I’ve taken several there.  

Also, I’ve met a lot of artists up there and here at our club and personal friends. They and their artworks have kept me enjoying their association and enjoying painting.


Ed Fine

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