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ALL ABOUT ART - Events and Exhibits

Displaying your paintings and cards


1. There is a Wall Display that is changed every month. Paintings on the display are removed to make way for the new display. These paintings must be picked up the last Wednesday of the month. Paintings to be displayed the following month must be brought by 2 PM on the Thursday after the last Wednesday of the month. There are two well-marked cabinets next to the Teacher’s Table where paintings that are not picked up, or those that are dropped off early are stored.


2. All paintings for the Wall Display or for the art show and sales must be framed or be on 1 ½”  gallery wrapped canvas. Framed paintings must have D-rings and taut wire on the back that is approximately one-third down from the top of the frame. The exception is very small artwork. In this case the wire should be placed about ½ way down. When in doubt, come early, and check to see if the hanging hooks show. No art will be displayed if the hanging hooks show.


3. Small information cards for artwork and greeting cards are provided and should be placed on the back of artwork hung or put in the bin art. An information card should also be placed on the outside of the clear bags for the greeting cards. There is no charge for the information cards, clear bags, or shrink wrap. Clear bags for greeting cards are located in a cupboard by the reception desk. Shrink wrap with instructions on how to use it is located in the storage closet.

Spring Arts Show 2022

Fall Art Show 2021

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