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The purpose of our club is to create an inviting and supportive environment that encourages artistic development through art education and opportunities to explore and grow for people of all abilities who share the love of art.

Welcome to 
All About Art CLub
of Sun City Hilton Head



To become a member

To pay your membership dues

If you sign up early then you will get the remainder of this year and next year for the same cost

If you need help or have any questions please come to the Art Room. 

The room will be open according to the schedule on the bottom of this page.

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23 holiday party .png

Thank you to the outgoing Presidents 

Kate Mace and Jan Urbanic !!

Kate and Jan outgoing art club presidents 11.2023 PXL_20231114_185119479.jpg

The spectacular crew from the facilities department have the mirror in place already..  no more blue tape and head banging!


Thank you Sun City Facilities!!!


Look what Al bought for CV and the art shows!   It’s great.  Accurate scale!  Al Capraro says, “tell Jan this is for her!!”  😀

We weighed a bunch of things!  It worked great!


24 creative visions.png
Pink Sugar

Check out .....


Elements of Art 

Beyond the Stick Figure is  designed for anyone that wants to: 

·  Learn or reinforce basic art skills and terminology 

·  Explore their inner artist 


For more information, dates and topics please click the link. 

Gullah Event 2023 and the great article by Katherine Mace

Monthly Events 

- Display of Art in the Studio

- 2nd Thursday of each month - Happy Hour.  5 - 6 pm at the art studio 

Bring your own beverage

- 3rd Thursday of each month - Art Party 

Yearly Events 


- General Membership Meeting 


- Creative Visions 


- Art in the Park 


- General Membership Meeting 

        In the Pavilion for Ice Cream Social

- Earth Day 


- Spring Show


- General Membership Meeting 


- Showcase 

July / August 



- Art in Bloom 


- General Membership Meeting 


- Fall Art Show 


-Christmas Party 

Worker with Ladder


An idea for using the display wall was presented at the General Membership meeting on June 21, 2023.  There were positive reactions, so the Wall Display Committee (Lisa Henderling, John Baxter and Kate Mace) met to develop a suggested calendar, and clarify definitions. 


Some things will stay the same:

  • The Featured Artist will remain a monthly feature in its current location.

  • Art from the All About Art Spring, Fall Art Shows, and Creative Vision will be displayed in the month after the show.

Things to remember:

  • In most cases the last panel, to the far right will be used for the selected display.  In two cases, the entire wall (with the exception of the Featured Artist) will be used. 

  • As is always the case, flat canvases without frames will not be accepted.  The canvas must be framed, or be at least 1 1/2 “ with finished edges. 

  • Unless otherwise noted, the size of the painting or paintings submitted should not exceed 1248 square inches.

Proposed Schedule:

  • December, 2023—ANYTHING GOES! 

Artists can display traditional and non-traditional art forms, prints, giclees, fabric art---really just about anything goes!We will accommodate all art that can be hung on the wall.Collages with found objects that are securely fastened to a canvas will be accepted. Up to two pieces per artist.. 


  • January, 2024---NOVICE

If an artist has not displayed in All About Art before, here’s the chance.Please note:no art made in a class will be eligible.Only original paintings.  Up to two pieces per artists.


  • February—Creative Vision art will be hung.

For those of you who are new to Sun City and the club, Creative Vision is a collaborative show, pairing photographers and artists (and a few glasscrafters.)It is a community wide event that is held in Pinckney Hall.After the show, AAA paintings are brought back to the club room for display.


  • March—OVER-SIZED ART   

The framed art can weigh up to 25 pounds with a circumference not greater than 192 inches including the frame.John Baxter helped guide us through the dimensions we think we can hang.One piece per artist.



The AAA Digital Art User group has been hard at work and has some phenomenal art to display. This is not art made by copying and pasting!It’s absolutely original and a true art form. This art will be accompanied with explanations, so members can learn what digital art is, and what goes into making it.Two pieces per artist.


  • May –Spring Art Show art will be hung—-It all depends on what dates for the shows are chosen.


  • June---TINY ART

Nothing will be hung that is larger than 10x10”, or a circumference of 40 inches, including the frameThere is no lower limit on size.  John Baxter guide us to determine how these will be hung.The really small paintings will be hung using a ribbon and Velcro.Two pieces per artist.

Only the last panel on the right will be used.


  • July---DRAWING

Charcoal, graphite, conte crayons….whatever you use to draw will be welcomed.The art must be framed for hanging.Two pieces per artist.


  • August---PLEIN AIR

All art will have been done outdoors, and demonstrate the capturing of light, shadows and the environment.Up to two pieces per artist


  • September—FABULOUS FAKES

Artists will choose familiar works as inspiration and create a fake.Each piece will be displayed with an image of the original inspiration so that viewers can compare and find the differences.Examples might be Girl with Ruby Earring—instead of pearl earring, or Mona Lisa with a mole on her cheek.One piece per artist


  • October---ABSTRACT

The AAA Abstract User Group and other member abstract artists will display their work together.Up to two pieces per artist.


  • November—Fall Art Show art will be hung.  It all depends on the date chosen for the Fall Art Show

Thank you everyone for your help in making another show a success!

fall art info_edited.jpg


Congratulations to everyone that entered and helped make this a great show!

Oils :

First Place to Terry Baker for "Close Reach."

Second Place to Norma Deal for "Parlor View."

Third Place to Tish Blake for "Racket Ron."

Honorable Mention to Marie Barnes for "Sheepish Grin."


First Place to Angelika Kade for "La Dance."

Second Place to Nancy Truman for "End of the Road."

Third Place to Lynn Drake for "Water Lilies."

Honorable Mention to Bobbie Forgacz for "The Reef."


First Place to Harriet Forbes for "Happy Birthday."

Second Place to Letty Husson for "Wild Flowers."

Third Place to Sallie Thompson for "What a Catch."

Honorable Mention to Robert White for Grandpa's Machine Shop."


First Place to Joan Wykis for "Forlorn."

Second Place to Nancy Ridgeway for "Great Blue Heron."

Third Place to Fred Calleri for "Love the Snow."

Honorable Mention to Deborah Jurs for "Last Bloom."

Mixed Media:

First Place to Pegi Newton for "City Lights."

Second Place to Judy Meeks for "Hal Meeks Off Tahiti."

Third Place to Joanna DeStefano for "Rainbow Roses."

Honorable Mention to Pat Wilund for "Lifes Paths."


First Place to Alex Herrera for "Boy."

Second Place to Bobbie Forgacz for "The Maestro."

Third Place to Cynthia Byers for "Dragonfly."

Honorable Mention to Cathy Smith for "Autumn Memory."

The Peoples' Choice Blue Ribbon was awarded to: 

Joan Wykis for "Forlorn."


people choice 23.jpg

Forlorn By Joan Wykis

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