DATE: Friday, July 16


TIME: 9:30 - 4:00 with Half Hour for Lunch


COST: $50


PAYMENT INFO:   Go to MEMBERS ONLY page on this website to register

and pay with CAM#.


Objective: Learn to use this very forgiving fun medium to paint a portrait

of your favorite pet. In this class, a portrait view of a short haired Jack

Russell that is easy enough for even a student just starting with pastel

pencils to achieve a likable result will be demonstrated. You will learn

how to layer colors to achieve a realistic looking dog.  You can also

paint a portrait of your own pet if you wish.


LEVEL: Beginner


LIMIT: Minimum 4/ Maximum 12


SIGN UP BY:  July  13


CONTACT INFO:  call Elaine at 843-705-5605 or email


SUPPLIES: Pastel paper (9x12) and photo reference of a Jack Russell terrier with a sketch will be provided by instructor.


You will need to purchase the pastel pencils. (Individual pencils may be purchased at Dick Blick in Savannah or from If ordered online, the pencils are cheaper from both Jerry’s and Dick Blick if you have the minimum order for free shipping. Several of you could combine orders to get the free shipping. (Note: you may need additional or different colors for your personal pet portrait)


Faber Castel: 101 White, 103 Ivory, 230 Cold Grey I, 233   Cold Grey IV, 187 Burnt Ochre, 113 Orange Glaze, 283 Burnt Sienna, 181 Payne's Grey, 199 Black.


Carbothello: 100 White, 105 Ivory, 720 Cold Grey I, 726 Cold Grey IV, 620 Burnt Ochre, 215 Indian Yellow, 670 Burnt Sienna, 770 Payne’s Grey, 760 Lamp Black

  • Masking tape


  • Board with a smooth surface to tape paper to.


  • Pencil sharpener with a new blade or a snap off utility knife.


  • Piece of fine to medium sand paper to use to sharpen points of pencils


  • Kneaded eraser or poster tack (available at Staples) and a soft white eraser.


  • A means to transfer sketch to pastel Paper such as transfer paper, light box (art club has one and I will provide one as well) or window. 


Optional: color shaper for blending, metal eraser shield for erasing.


(If you will be painting from your own photo reference, bring a sketch of the pet large enough to fit on a 9 x 12 piece of pastel paper.)

Dog Painting.jpg