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Hello everyone!   

This is my last newsletter to y’all before our term expires, and let me say it’s been a real privilege to serve as your Co-President.   The best part was getting to know so many of you so much better.  Kate will be doing the December newsletter, so we’re not done yet.

  1. Fall Art Show

  2. Creative Visions

  3. New Member Orientation

  4. Art Party

  5. Happy Hour

  6. Wall Display

  7. Membership Renewal

  8. First Saturday Sales

  9. Upcoming Classes for November


1.   Fall Art Show - The Fall Art Show closed on Sunday, October 29, and as of 3:00 p.m. we hosted 1,184 visitors.  The show’s success is due to all the volunteers and artists who gave so generously of their time and effort.  


The Peoples Choice Award went to Joan Wykis for “Forlorn”.  Our judge, Lauren Terrett, awarded the following ribbons:


Oil: 1st Place - Terry Baker for “Close Reach”

2nd Place - Norma Deal for “Parlor View”

3rd Place - Tish Blake for “Racket Ron”

Hon. Mention - Marie Barnes for “Sheepish Grin”


Acrylic: 1st Place - Angelika Kade for “La Dance”

2nd Place - Nancy Truman for “End of the Road”

3rd Place - Lynn Drake for “Water Lillies”

Hon. Mention - Bobbie Forgacz for "The Reef”


Watercolor:  1st Place - Joan Wykis for “Forlorn”

2nd Place - Nancy Ridgeway for “Great Blue Heron”

3rd Place - Fred Calleri for “Love the Snow”

Hon. Mention - Deborah Jurs for “Last Bloom”


Pastel:  1st Place - Harriet Forbes for “Happy Birthday”

2nd Place - Letty Husson for “Wild Flowers”

3rd Place - Sallie Thompson for “What a Catch”

Hon. Mention - Robert White for “Grandpa’s Machine Shop”


Drawing:  1st Place - Alex Herrera for “Boy”

2nd Place - Bobbie Forgacz for “The Maestro”

3rd Place - Cynthia Byers for “Dragonfly”

Hon. Mention - Cathy Smith for “Autumn Memory”


Mixed. Media:  1st Place - Pegi Newton for “City Lights”

2nd Place - Judy Meeks for “Hal Meeks Off Tahiti”

3rd Place - Joanna DeStefano for “Rainbow Roses”

Hon. Mention - Pat Wilund for “Life’s Paths”


A special “Thank You” to all our participants for doing a really great job on wiring.  There was significant improvement in this show, and fewer pieces needed to be 'adjusted'.


2.  Creative Visions - The show will be held Feb. 2-4, so please mark your calendars.  More details to follow on volunteer opportunities.


3.  New Member Orientation    Due to the great number of new members signing up on Charter Club Day, there will be a New Member Orientation on Wednesday, November 8 at 5:30 p.m. in the art room.  Please note the new time.  This is a great opportunity for all new members to tour the art room, learn about everything the club has to offer, and ask questions of the Co-Presidents Kate and Jan.  All new and old members are encouraged to attend.


4.  The Art Party will be held on Thursday, Nov. 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the Art Room.   The topic is Watercolor along with a related hands-on activity.  Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.  Please contact Ann.rotunno@gmail .com if you’d like to come.  See attached flyer.


5.  This month’s Happy Hour will be Thursday, Nov. 9th, from 5-6 pm in the art room.  Meet fellow art enthusiasts and bring your own beverage, and if you like, a snack to share.


6.  Wall Display - Please remember to pick up your paintings from the wall on Wednesday, Nov, 29, and drop off your art for December on Thursday, Nov, 30. before 2 p.m.  REMEMBER, DECEMBER IS ANYTHING GOES!  You can display up to two pieces of art —traditional and non-traditional art forms, prints, giclees, or fabric art.  We will accommodate all art that can be hung on the wall.  Collages with found objects that are securely fastened to a canvas will be accepted.  The Featured Artist section will remain, but the rest of the wall will be dedicated to ANYTHING GOES.


7.  Membership Renewal - It's time to renew your membership,  Membership dues of $20 are good through December 31, but anyone who renews between now and December 31 will have their membership paid up through December 31, 2024.


8.  First Saturday Sales, November 4th, 10-12:30 PM - For all those participating in First Saturday Sales, we have received permission from Lifestyles to hold the sale indoors and outdoors, even though, as of yet, not all tables have been sold at the Craft Fair.


9.  November Class Offerings

     November 1 - Watercolors Fall Colors 1-4:30

     November 2 & 3 - Batik Watercolor 12:30-4

     November 4, 11, 25 - Paint What You Love 1:30-4

     November 9 - Intro to Pen and Ink 10-4

     November 10 - Abstract Art Group 10:00

     November 13 - Elements of Art: Space 6:30-7:30

     November 16 - Acrylic with Palette Knife 9-12

     November 17 - Watercolor Marshes  9-12

     November 22 - Portrait Sketching. 1-3

     November 22 - Rock Painting   6:30-8:30


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!




Jan Urbanic  & Kate Mace

Co-Presidents,  All About Art Club



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