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Joint Chair & Executive Board Meeting

November 16, 2022


Joint Chair & Executive Board Meeting

November 16, 2022

Call to Order:

Jan Urbanic  called the meeting to order at 1:00pm.


John Baxter, Jan Urbanic, Pat Card, Kate Mace, Kathy Kline, Judy Meeks, Terry Broere, Tish Blake, Pauline Oliver, Ellen Ovaska, Kathe Kline, Linda Grady, Marianne Bruno, Tish Blake, Judy Van Caster

President’s Comments:

Appreciation lunch for board & committee members is to be held in January.  Jan thanked everyone for all their hard work.

Approval of Minutes:

Motion made to approve, seconded, minutes approved

Treasurers Report :Marianne Bruno

Opening balance         $3,704.38

Total deposits in transit                                                                    $8780.00

Total Outstanding payments                                                            $8238.16

Club balance after all activity processed                                         $4246.22

Committee Reports

Fall Art Show: Judy Van Caster –  Kate Mace gave the report, we had 72 artists participate with 115 pieces displayed.  There were 52 volunteers from the art club to help make this show run smoothly; There were 17 pieces of art work that needed adaptation to be hung.  Please ask or look up guidelines for hanging art work. We had approximately 1.037 guests attend our show.  The majority indicated they found out from postcards in lower mailboxes. A suggestion to help cut back on cost is to possibly use a lower grade paper for postcards.  Judy thanked Kate for stepping up while she was ill.

Education: Terry Broere – There are art classes available from January 2023 until the 1st week of April 2023. There have been some issues with no shows at classes, the education committee will bring recommendations on the possibility of a cancellation policy.  Linda Grady has offered to volunteer to manage the running of a kids program.  Terry will ask any of the teachers if they are interested in teaching.

Genesis: Kathe Kline – The Genesis program is working very well with the majority of classes being held in the evenings. Kathe is going to be teaching a high school art program – it will be available to non artists to learn the basics of art.

Programs: Pauline Oliver – Our next guest speaker will be Jennifer Wharton from Beaufort, she will be discussing and demonstrating on Value in Art and Why does it Matter.   There will be a charcoal workshop in February 2023.

Membership: Terry Broere & Judy Deming – Terry is working on the online entries and Judy is handling the written entries.  As of right now we have 165 new or renewed members.  Terry will set up a goggle doc for membership sign up.

Hospitality: Donna Stephens -  Jan Urbanic gave a report that everything is set up for the holiday banquet.

Sunshine: Judy Meeks – please let me know of any one in the art club need something.

Studio Manager: John Baxter – some lights are still an issue and he will continue to work of getting them fixed.

Creative Vision: Linda Grady – there are 54 pairings for the current show.  Photos for Creative vision participants will take place on January 9 & 10th, 2023

Supplies: Bob White – Kate Mace reported that Bob is staying within his budget on replacing needed supplies.

Greeting Cards: Tish Blake – non members cannot have cards for sale.

Name Tags: Ellen Ovaska – 59 new badges ready for pickup, 3 replacements ready

Monitors: Lynn Nasal – no report

1st Saturday Sales: Cynthia Byers – no report

Art Bins: Letty Husson – no report

Web: Tom Moseley – no report

Featured Artists: Al & Bobbie Forgacz – no report

Website Calendar: Frances Sorgen – ne report

Old Business:

A publicity person is still in need.

New Business:

Sea La Vie will be allowing our artists to put pictures for sale in their salon starting in January 2023.  They will take a 20% commission.

There will now be 2 ways to pay for art classes : cam cards or checks.


Joint committee adjourned at 1:50pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Card

AAA Secretary

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