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General Membership Meeting

April 14, 2021



April 14, 2021 

Call to Order: Terry Broere called the meeting to order at 1:05pm. 

Attendance: There were 32 members present. 

Approval of Minutes: A motion was made to approve minutes of, January 28, 2021, seconded. 

Treasurers Report: Linda Dzuba informed members of the treasurer’s report Beginning of March $8,229, Deposited $4,377, Expenses $3,897 Ending Balance $8709 Linda has a new email for treasurer communication 

Committee Chair Reports Education: Terry Broere gave report for Rose McLaughlin-we have 2 new teachers, Joan Wykis & Lynn Drake. 

Hospitality: Jan Urbanic provided snacks & water daily during the Spring Art show. Picnic in pavillion cancelled for May, no new date set. 

Publicity: June 1st will start publicity for Fall Art Show in September 

Studio Manager: no news 

Office Supplies: no news 

Membership: Judy Demming – we now have 259 members. Orientation will be April 21, 2021 at 1:00pm in the art studio. A thank you to Ellen for making all the name tags. 

Webmaster: Nancy Stencil urges teachers to check the website after classes are up to make sure all the information & details are correct 

Librarian: Dorothy Sawicki thanked everyone for returning the outstanding books. 

Monitor Team: Mary Sharp informed us that we now have 40 monitors. She also welcomed 3 new monitors: Jan Urbanic, Maya & Josh Jofen. Everyone was reminded that there is a new monitor sign up sheet in the studio. The 3rd Saturday at 11:30-1:30 is open. Please sign up for subs, as they are needed. For May you will get a call/text/email for your date & time. Mary also acknowledged appreciation for Letly Husson, Martha Pike, Mary Lynn Rooke. 

Programs: Mary Lynn Rooke announced our guest speaker Debi West. She will be our first visiting artist in over a year. 

Room Maintenance: no news 

Sunshine Lady: Judy Meeks is delighted to have sent out her 200th sunshine card since 2016. 

First Saturday Sales: Cynthia Byer announced that sales are good and they have now set up some tables in the courtyard with the good weather. 

ART in the Park: Cynthia Byer announced that we had $3000 in sales, residents very appreciative of the talent in Sun City 

Spring Art Show: Judy Van Caster thanked all the volunteers & participants for this years Spring Art show. We had 65 artists participate in 2021 compared to 74 in Fall of 2019. 

Spring sales $1,755 Fall sales $2203.25. Art pieces in Spring 113 compared to 122 In Fall. 

Show attendance for Spring Show 442 for 3 ½ days, 600 in Fall for 5 ½ days. 

There was a mention of adding 2 hrs. in the evenings of Friday & Saturday in the next show. 

Mixed media will be changing their percentage of different medias used. 

If there are less than 7 pieces of a certain media it will be placed in “other “ category. 

Creative Vision: There have been 3 meetings with the photography club. The November date was not available so they are looking at January or February 2022. A survey will be sent out to members on input about asking other clubs to join. 

New Business: 

New Plein Aire date is April 22, 2021 

Earth Day is set for Saturday April 24, 2021. Recycled art display is from 10am to 1 pm. There will also be information about responsible disposal of acrylics. 

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned by Terry Broere at 1:40pm, motioned & seconded. 

ART Program: Mary Lynn Rooke introduced our guest speaker Debi West, ED.S, NBCT as our first guest speaker in over a year. Debi is a retired award winning art educator, including Georgia Art Educator of the year. She is currently the owner of WESTpectations Education Consulting, a writer, a graduate instructor and a widely exhibited artist. She has presented over 80 workshops, keynotes & presentations. She also gives courses at the Art League and consulted with the production of RED, a play about Rothko. She currently lives on Hilton Head with her husband Chuck and is the proud mom of Cory & Carson. Debi shared with us how art inspires and motivates us through commitment, passion & reflection. 

Some notes from Debi’s presentation are Making your mark! Art is an expression of yourself! The process of creating art takes time & practice. Every mark you make matters, your creativity and documenting yourself. Art was the first language. Embrace your mark, your art is your story! 

Respectfully submitted 

Pat Card, AAA Secretary 

Respectfully submitted by Pat Card, Secretary

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