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Executive Board Meeting

November 16, 2022

Executive Committee

Nov. 16, 2022

Call to order:  Jan Urbanic called the meeting to order at 1:55 pm.

Attendance: John Baxter, Jan Urbanic, Pat Card, Kate Mace, Kathe Kline, Linda Grady, Marianne Bruno, Jan Urbanic, Judy Van Caster

Approval of Minutes:  motion made, seconded and approved:

Treasurer’s Report: Marianne Bruno – The AAA club started 2022 with opening assets of $2,527.24. We had three events close together in the spring, and this caused us to have a difficult time paying artists. The long delay in getting CAM reimbursement from Lifestyles requires us to build up our reserves. A discussion was held considering if we should eliminate one art show each year, since the shows represent All About Art’s  biggest expense. But, the importance of the art shows was discussed. AAA club is seen as a great sales point for Pulte, and the sales people regularly bring in prospective residents.  It was decided that we need to maintain the arts shows. A new budget was formulated, based on growing our membership,  and we will continue to have a Spring and Fall art show, and collaborate for a Creative Visions show. A motion was made, seconded and the budget was approved.

New Business:

The calendar for 2023 has been submitted with a few dates that need to be confirmed.  The dates TBA are Art in the Park, Spring Art Show and Earth Day.  A motion was made to accept the calendar for 2023, seconded and approved.  The calendar will be circulated in January, 2023


Meeting adjourned 2:10pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Card

AAA Secretary

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