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July 2023 Newsletter 

Hello everyone!  Summer is here, and the art club is still hopping.  Here's what's happening in the month of July.


In this newsletter you'll find the following:

1.  AAA Tag Sale

2.  Wall Art 

3.  New Policy on Art Hanging and Pick-Up

4.  Art in Bloom Update

5.  Committee Chairs Needed

6.  Nominating Committee

6.  Happy Hour

7.  Art Party

8.  Class Offerings for July


1.  The AAA Tag Sale- July 21, 1-4 p.m.

Our first Tag Sale will be held on Friday, July 21.  Art Club members who would like to sell their unwanted paintings, art supplies, canvases, paints, frames, etc. may bring them to the art room on July 21 from 10-12.  Baked goods are also welcomed!


All items should be priced for sale.    All proceeds will go to the Art Club to offset the cost of a new, operational teaching mirror.


The Sun City community will be invited to join in the fun.  Leftover items will be donated to a local charity unless otherwise specified.  Sales are CAM or check only.  No cash.


2.  Wall Art

At our last general meeting we presented our thoughts on bringing new life to our studio art wall.  Among the suggestions was having one section of the wall dedicated to a different discipline each month.  Ideas to feature were digital, abstract. tiny or oversized, seasonal, novice, and mixed media art.  Everyone is welcome to submit any other ideas to Kate or Jan.  We also welcome anyone who would like to serve on the Ad Hoc Art Wall Committee.  Implementation of new wall ideas will start in December.


3.  New Policy for Art Hanging and Pick-Up

Despite our best efforts, we are still having a problem with artwork being submitted that is improperly wired, and our hangers spend a lot of time rewiring.  In fact, one month they took three pieces home to fix.  Because of this, in the future, if pieces are improperly wired, they will not be hung. 


In addition, artists are not picking up their art after monthly/art shows, and as a result, there is no room in the back cabinet.  Emails were sent asking people to pick up their artwork with little or no response.  Going forward, artists will have 30 days to pick up their artwork.  After that they become the property of AAA.


To help implement this policy, we have asked for a cabinet manager.  Linda Dzuba and Sandy Ferry have graciously offered to take on this assignment.


4.   Art in Bloom update.

Art in Bloom will take place on September 9 & 10.  Paintings have been selected by the garden club, and participants were notified.  The floral designers have received their assignments and plans are underway.


5.  Committee Chairs Needed

At the end of this year, our Hospitality Chair, Donna Stephen, and our Program Chair, Pauliine Oliver, have opted to leave.  We are so sorry to see them retire from these positions, but want to thank them for their outstanding efforts and time they devoted to make our club successful.  If you have any interest in becoming our new hospitality chair or program chair, please let Kae or Jan know.  We really would like your support.


6.  Nominating Committee

Our Nominating Committee is looking for two more volunteers.  Please let us know if you are willing to serve.  Please watch for an email in which we will ask you to vote to ratify this committee.


7.  Class Offerings for July

July 1, 15, 22 & 29 - Paint What you Love

July 6, 7, & 8 - Oil Painting a Landscape

July 10 & 11 - Elements of Art:  Line (Genesis)

July 12 - Watercolor - Still Life Onions 

July 19 - Portrait Sketching (Genesis)

July 20 - Acrylic - Marshes of the Low Country

July 26 - Rock Painting (Genesis)

July 28 - Watercolor, Pen & Ink - Flowers


That's all folks.  Have a great July!


8.  Class Offerings

Jan Urbanic  & Kate Mace

Co-Presidents,  All About Art Club



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