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General Membership Meeting Minutes

January 25, 2023



Call to order:  The meeting was called to order by Jan Urbanic at 1:00 pm.


Attendance:  There were 56 members in attendance; a quorum was established.


Guest Speaker:  Jan Urbanic welcomed our guest speaker, Jennifer Heyd Wharton, and the introduction was made by Pauline Oliver.  Ms. Wharton has had a distinguished career as an illustrator for major U.S. corporations as well as childrens books.  She was co-owner of the highly-acclaimed Troika Gallery in Easton, MD from 1997-2018.  She has won numerous awards as an oil, watercolor portrait, landscape, and animal artist, and is the South Carolina State Ambassador for the Portrait Society of America.  Ms. Wharton shared her experiences discovering watercolor and charcoal mediums, and proceeded to give an excellent demonstration of her charcoal technique.  Above all, she stressed the simple art elements of Light, Value, Color and Texture.  Now a resident of Beaufort, she maintains a studio above Urban Outfitters on Main Street.




Budget/Treasurer’s Report:  Marianne Bruno distributed 2022 income ($9516) and expense ($9789) reports, and the 2023 budget which was approved by the board on 11/16/22.   The 2023 Budget cites Income of $11,650 and Expenses of $11,650.   A motion was made and seconded to accept the 2023 budget; approved unanimously.  All 2022 reports have been submitted to Lifestyles.   Current club balance as of 1/25/23 = $6,354.46.


Approval of Minutes:  A motion was made and seconded to accept the Minutes from the 10/05/22 General Meeting; approved unanimously.


President’s Comments:

  • Patti Rozonkiewiecz will fill the newly created position of Publicity Chair. 

  • The new Librarian, Cat Tollstrup, was introduced.  Outgoing Librarian Dorothy Sawicki was thanked for her 8 years of duty.

  • The January Wall Display will be taken down on January 31.  A new wall display will consist of pieces shown in Creative Visions.  All About Art artist-members are encouraged to bring their Creative Visions art to the Art Studio on February 5 after the show to be hung on the art room wall display.

  • The creative ExCo team building exercise [Picasso panels] was highlighted.

  • Sign-in Book:  Kate Mace explained the necessity of tracking visitors and students as part of Lifestyles long term study on how the AA Art studio is used.  Raw numbers are important to prove room usage, and will support future space planning by the Sun City HOA.  The new Front Desk sign-in book will help track AA Club traffic.

  • Earth Day:  Will be celebrated on April 22 in the Pavilion.  Nancy Truman is chairing [Feb 1 is the planning meeting].  Bring nice, used boxes to the Pavilion on April 22 for an art project.

  • Next general membership meeting:  is an ice cream social at the Pavilion; no guest speaker.



Committee Reports:

  • Spring Art Show:  Cathy Smith announced the Spring Art Show will be May 4-7.  Planning starts mid-Feb after Creative Visions; committee chairs will be needed.

  • Membership:  Judy Deming reminded all to renew 2023 membership.  If anyone joined after 9/01/22, membership is good through 2023.

  • Creative Vision: Linda Grady reported all is on track for Creative Visions.  Carol Jackson [Awards Cmte] appealed for more ballot counters; John Baxter and Cat Tollstrup volunteered.  Hanging Cmte needed one more hanger; Jane Capraro volunteered.

  • Genesis:  Kate Mace reported for Kathe Kline.  Genesis offers free classes on one-off topics. They are often hands-on.  Signup is mandatory.

  • Programs:  Pauline Oliver continues to explore future programs.  Perhaps a Gullah artist later 2023.

  • Art Party:  no report, next one is February 16.

  • Hospitality:  Donna Stephen thanked all volunteers and holiday party attendees.  Holiday party stayed within budget; next one is 12/09/23.  Will need volunteers for opening reception of Spring Art Show.

  • Monitoring:  Lynn Nasal reported all under control; monitoring refresher being held on 2/02/23.

  • Kids’ Summer Program 2023:  Linda Grady reported she has curriculum and supplies ready. Will be held 4 consecutive Saturday mornings.  Need 2 teachers: Sue Grilli and Patti Rozonkiewiecz volunteered. 


Other Old & New Business:

  • Frances Sorgen manages the AAArt calendar; be sure to tell her about any upcoming events.

  • John Baxter advised of an ongoing problem getting wire for hanging paintings.  He’s now found a supplier of copper-coated wire which will be stocked in the supply closet [and screw eyes] for everyone to use in future.  Please pass the word.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:35pm.





Respectfully submitted,

Connie Silvester, Secretary

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