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Feature Artist - Donna Bamond

We moved to SCHH in 2001 as part-timers from Fishkill NY.   We explored the golf courses and all the clubs available to us.  The minute I walked into the AAA studio, I knew I needed to join that club.  It was bustling with excitement as all the friendly members worked on their masterpieces!  I always loved to draw as a child, I remember watching “ You are an Artist” by Jon Gnagy and loved his books.   Yes, I’m old but only in #s!  I had no formal training, but with nothing to lose, but much to gain.   I joined AAA.  I could never have imagined what an exciting journey I was about to embark on.  I met some of the most welcoming, talented friends and instructors (you know who you are, too numerous to name each one) that encouraged me as I tried all mediums.  Thank you!!

It isn’t your finished masterpiece,  it’s the people, memories, and encouragement that go into each painting that makes it so much fun to be part of the AAA Club!

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