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Watercolor Batik


$160 for 2 classes plus additional instruction


November 2, 2023 at 4:30:00 PM


3-1/2 hours

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Joan Wykis




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Nov 3 (second class)

Inermediate to advanced watercolor techniques

In this creative and informative class, Joan Wykis will show and assist students from the beginning to the end of painting a vibrant fresh and rich looking Watercolor Batik on Rice paper. It is a process using an electric skillet, special rice papers, watercolors, canning wax and an iron. The information in this course is a combination of design, line, color and reserving whites and lights. The technical information shared begins with transferring a drawing onto the rice paper and keeping the process manageable

Materials provided by instructor included at no cost to participants: waterproof pens, foam boards, inks, and rice paper
(Waterproof pens are only on loan for duration of class)

Students will be charged at cost for an 16 X 20 inch or 12 x 12 canvas or you may bring your own as well

Materials from PARTICIPANTS

· Paper for drawing, pencil (#2), eraser

· Your regular watercolors and brushes

· Old throwaway brushes for applying wax. I will have some for you as well

· Paper towels/ clean cloth towel or rag

· Newspapers (Sunday edition probably enough)

· Masking Tape, scissors, rulers, water buckets

Reference Material

You will work from your own photos or images. Please keep in mind that a composition with a simple design is best. One animal, a simple group of flowers or a figurative drawing with just one person would be best. ** Due to the complexity of this process I will be advising you before class (via Phone) and will assist you up to a month on Tuesday morning during open studio for the completion of your work.

(Please contact me the week before class for specific instructions re: drawing and size of canvas)

Sign up in the art room White binder. Use CAM card whch will hold your place in class. Must notify teacher if unable to attend or CAM will be charged

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