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Painting a Realistic Animal Portrait with Pastel Pencils

A series of three classes about pastels




October 2, 2022 at 6:00:00 PM


2 Hours

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Elaine Duncan



(843) 705-5605

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Painting a Realistic Animal Portrait with Pastel Pencils

Suitable for beginners

Session 1: THIS Session

  • Picking a suitable subject.

  • Choosing a paper.

  • Various ways of transferring it to your pastel paper.

  • How to sharpen pencils

  • Blocking in subject using values

  • Choosing colors for subject.

Session 2:  

  • Painting eyes and nose. 

  • Color blocking in of main shapes in color. 

  • Begin layering more pastel and refining shapes.

Session 3: 

  • Continuing adding color and finishing details.

A good photo of your subject. You will need to see the details of the subject in order to paint a realistic painting. I will have some you can select from if you do not have one. Size the photo such that the sketch of your subject will fit on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of copy paper.

9x12 sheet of un-sandedpastel paper such as Canson Mi tientes, Artagain Strathmore or sketching paper. I will have some available for purchase. It can be a colored sheet as that will serve as a back ground color for the portrait.

Set of 60 pastel pencils: Carbothello or Faber Castel Pitt Pastel pencils available online through Dick Blick or Jerrysartarama.

Pencil sharpening tools such as a snap off utility knife or a quality new manual pencil sharpener (caution: sometimes these may cause pastel leads to break as the blades get old). Medium or fine sand paper.

Kneaded eraser or poster tack. White soft eraser.

Masking Tape to tape paper to board

Graphite pencil for tracing subject.

Smooth hard backing board to attach your paper to. A 11x14 or larger is a good size for a 9x12 sheet of paper. You can use the back of an 11x14 canvas board.

Min 3, Max 12

Thursday, September 29th

Pay in the Art Studio

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