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Happy Painting- OILS

Learn how to paint happy landscape paintings like Bob Ross does on tv




August 15, 2024 at 1:30:00 PM


2-1/2 hours

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Mike Ellis




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You’ll learn quickly and
easily how to paint a beautiful landscape that you’ll bring home that day.

All levels.

All artists of different mediums  are welcome: oil, acrylics, pastel, water, charcoal are welcom

Learn how to create happy landscape paintings. There are no mistakes. Only happy  accidents.  Learn how to lay out and design a happy landscape painting  Learn how to mix and match colors  Learn brushes, palette knives and other tools  Learn how to follow a tutorial on tv

Brushes  Fan. 1 inch. 2 inch. Detail brushes  Brush set for $8  /81140332?queryId=7a6c47651b27e0e487d40549bc87821d 

 Palette knife  

Canvas. About 10x8. We’ll start small.  

Oil paints. Small pack for $6  nt---12-Piece-Set/p/80968391?queryId=ead7f202e4d41cae882937d808275ffc 

 Magic white is composed of Titanium white and linseed oil. 

 No-odor thinner.  


 Paper towels 

 Paper Plates or palette 

 Qtips. Toothpicks

Please watch a Bob Ross show to familiarize yourself with his style. We’ll choose one of his  shows as a guide for our class.

Min 4 Max 12

August 11

Sign up: Visit the AAA club and sign up in the Class Book . You will received a reminder email a  few days before class.  Payment: Payable to All About Art using CAM or check and place your payment in the white  enveloped provided. Your payment holds your spot in class.  AAAPolicy: If you are a “No Show” at the start of class your payment will be forfeited. Please  notify the instructor as soon as possible if you need to cancel so someone on the waiting list  may be contacted

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