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"Foundations" in Acrylic Painting

A series of 4 classes


$125 for 4 class series


August 4, 2023 at 1:30:00 PM


2.5 Hours each class

Your Instructor

Lynne Drake



(631) 766-3752

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Aug. 11, & Aug 18 (double class)

All Levels

This is a comprehensive 4-class series covering the foundations of acrylic painting for both

beginner and experienced. A very informative foundation course for those who are new to

acrylic painting or those with experience who wish to develop their skills and learn more.

Have fun while learning the foundations of acrylic painting. Each class covers specific topics.

A demo will be provided to help students understand various processes and techniques.

Students will be guided as they practice and experiment with provided materials.

All materials included

Friday Aug 4 th Class 1: 9:30-12:00

INTRO TO MATERIALS - Acrylic paint, assorted brushes, palette knives, gesso,

canvas/boards/papers, additives, varnishes, drawing tools, etc. Students will learn techniques

and experiment with different brushes, palette knives and materials.

Friday Aug 11 th Class 2: 9:30-12:00

COLOR THEORY/COLOR WHEEL/LIGHT SOURCES After a demo students will gain an

understanding how to mix colors, blend and paint values. Students will apply what they learned

in a simple painting.

Friday Aug 18 th Class 3: 9:30-3:00 (Double Class)


Learn basics of perspective drawing, cropping, and composition & rough out a canvas for a final

16 x 20 painting - will then block in colors & paint a canvas applying everything learned.

Constructive criticism and guidance will be provided.

Min 4 / Max 12

August 12

Register in the “Class Binder” located in the art room

Please place CAM slip in the attached envelope in binder

AAA POLICY: If you are a “No Show” at the start of class your payment will be forfeited.

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