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First Timer's Mastering Watercolor

Begin your journey with watercolors!




April 5, 2024 at 1:00:00 PM


3 hours

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Mary Treadwell



(214) 263-6245

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In this class, you will learn the various techniques of watercolor painting: flat and graded washes, wet into wet painting, dry brush painting, texture techniques, lifting paint and how to use the perfect combination of water and pigment. You will leave with a completed simple painting.

All supplies will be provided except for watercolor paper which will be available for purchase at the gallery. Bring from home:

● paper towels

● a stiff board to put your paper on

● painters or masking tape (not colored)

● any watercolor paints and supplies you may have

● your enthusiasm!

max 12

March 30

Visit the AAA Club and sign up in the Class Book titled Watercolor.

PAYMENT:   Pay with CAM or check, payable to All About Art. Please place your payment

In the white envelope provided. Your payment holds your spot in class.

AAA POLICY:   If you are a “NO SHOW” at the start of class your payment will be forfeited.

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