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Cone Flowers

A watercolor class




August 12, 2022 at 5:00:00 PM


3.5 Hours

Your Instructor

Cynthia Byers



(843) 707-7884

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  • to have fun painting cone flowers :)

  • to help you understand structure of the flower

  • to help you understand different angles and movement

  • to experiment with color

Arches watercolor paper 1/4 sheet, 140 lb. Cold Press (a must)

Bring scrapes of Arches watercolor paper for testing

Watercolor paints (at least a Red, a Blue & a Yellow professional grade)

Watercolor brushes (at least a small & a medium round with a good point)

#2 Pencil

Kneaded eraser

Poly Eraser

Painters tape

A water container

A fine mist sprayer

Viva paper towels


Your own table covering

Your AAA name tag

Min 4 / Max 12

August 8

Visit the AAA club and signup in the Class Watercolor Book located by the front door. AAA members only

Payable to All About Art using a CAM or CHECK and place payment in the white envelope. Your payment holds your spot in this class.

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