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I moved to Sun City in 2011 and immediately joined the art club. I was finally able to devote as much  time as I wanted learning  about different mediums and deciding what direction I wanted my art to take. Although I attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco during the early 80’s majoring in interior design, I did not work in the art field.  I was fortunate enough to be able to spend two years  in  Germany following  my time at  the academy and  used  that time to visit  many places in Europe that I studied in art history.
I had been doing some pen and ink stippling work that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I found it very relaxing.  I saw some beautiful artwork in colored pencil by another member of the art club at one of the first art shows I attended here and decided that was what I would like to learn.  Unfortunately there was no one teaching it at the club so I took a course in North Carolina. I got as many videos and books I could find on mastering colored pencil.  I am still trying to master it and I look at each piece I work on as practice. I thank my fellow club member for giving me the incentive to learn a new medium. Now I enjoy teaching colored pencil to other members of our club. I also try to spend a few hours every day working on my art, studying an art book, or watching an art video.  I soon found that I needed to break out of my “box” and every so often I just let go and work on an abstract in acrylic. Taking acrylic abstract classes from two visiting artists have helped me find another medium to enjoy. I love playing with  the colors and when I go back to my detailed work, either pen and ink or my colored pencils, I find that I am much more focused. I was asked to step in as the Vice President of the club in June 2012 and served in that position until  2013.  I then went on to serve as President during 2014-2015. Every time I am at the club I feel inspired when I see the art of our members. I don’t think I would be where I am today in my art journey had I notjoined the All About Art Club.