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 Gloria Holley- September Artist of the Month

hollyIn my early teens, I liked to draw pictures of the movie stars from the magazines.  My friends thought they were very good.  I went on to designing and drawing dresses for tall women.
During my high school years I took elective Art Classes that I enjoyed but they were History Classes about the 18th and 19th century artists which I found to be very interesting, but we never actually painted.  I did learn about perspective and the value of colors.

In my later High School years, an Artist friend of my family saw my drawings and thought I had talent.  She bought me an easel, oil paint and canvases and encouraged me to paint.  I was thrilled.  I started painting on my own,  mixing colors and  experimenting.  At first I painted scenes from Italy as my parents had family there and I would send painted post cards.

Shortly after High School I married and had little time to paint.  I concentrated on my work, husband and two children.  When the children were older I began attending Art Classes in the different towns we lived in.

I joined the “All About Art” club shortly after moving to Sun City from Florida in 2006 and have taken several courses at the Arts Center.  I paint every week and enjoy painting with the many talented artists here.