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Peggy LauriaApril Artist of the Month  -Peggy Anne Lauria, Psy.D.

”Prolific” has been the word used to describe Peggy Lauria’s introduction into the art world. She is an artist who has created a body of work rich in varied styles and color. She describes it as uncovering a dormant talent she never knew she had. Composition and vibrant colors, in both watercolor and oils, invite the viewer to enter the landscape or feel for the person who’s come to life.

Peggy attended watercolor classes at the Farmington Valley Art Center,CT, followed by oil classes at the West Hartford Art League beginning in 2004. Her instructor, Brian Colbath, is a very talented painter and a gifted teacher.  She started taking these classes to cope with grieving the loss of a dear friend and mentor to Alzheimer’s.

A graduate of the University of Hartford, Dr. Peggy Lauria earned her degree in Clinical Psychology. During her training, she worked at Trinity College Counseling Center, Yale affiliated VA Health Center and Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living. She’s taught Psychology courses at Central CT ST University in New Britain, the University Of Hartford, the University of Connecticut, and is still an online instructor/consultant at Charter Oak State College (CT) and Excelsior College (NYS).  Peggy also had a private practice in West Hartford and Canton, CT.  She sees many parallels in art and psychology. Both involve rich stories and connecting people. As a therapist, she has always described her paradigm as a “humanistic/existential” umbrella, under which all clients fall, and goes further to say she has a palette of colors (additional psychological theories and interventions), which she applies as needed. In her view, psychology is more an art than a science.

While in Connecticut, Peggy’s work has been displayed in many galleries and exhibits, including a one woman show in Canton Library, CT.  Her series of Chagall inspired watercolors are on display at Holy Family Monastery, West Hartford, CT.  Giclee prints of “Poised Repose” and ”Vintage Soak” hang in the Charter Oak State College Fleet Conference Room,, New Britain, CT.

Peggy lives with Frank, her husband of 40+ years and her biggest fan! The couple moved to Riverbend in Sun City, Bluffton, SC,  ten months ago with their Golden Retriever, “Bailey Claire.”  They have raised two lovely daughters and find great joy with their 6 yr. old grandson and 3 yr. old granddaughter. As part of Monday morning Art studio and several classes offered, Peggy is inspired to be working with so many talented artists, continuing to learn, grow and create.